Oval Skating Arena, Turin, Italy

The oval stadium in Turin was one of the sports facilities used in the 2006 Winter Olympics. The project was the winning entry in a design competition. In collaboration with architect Studio Zoppini, Deerns was responsible for the building services design.

The building won the competition based on the integration of building services and technical solutions to maintain an ice-ring worthy of the world’s best athletes. Furthermore the jury noted that the  curvature of the roof, which plays an important role in the optimal maintenance of the ice, also has great aesthetic quality. The 400 meter track was later turned into an exhibition hall.

Special features

Among the winning points of the concept are its curves, realised with an optimal radius of curvature and the technical solutions to keep the ice in the best possible condition at all times. The structure supports a large volume, covered with a sleek and aerodynamic roof, which curves from east to west.
Working with complex architecture such as this curved roof is always difficult. However, the urgency was clear since it was to become a venue for the event of the Winter Olympics. Lighting design acoustics, temperatures, sight lines of the spectators, everything had to be perfect. Deerns is proud to have been part of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

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